10 Easy & Cute Food Doodle Ideas

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Hi everyone,

These days, I’ve been really enjoying watching cooking videos and food bloggers. It inspired me to create this blog post of easy food doodle ideas to draw.

Some of the foods on the list will be the fancy foods and fruits available.

I also tried to include different art styles on this list so I hope you find one that sparks your inspiration to draw, whether it be a simple, cute, or creative style.

I hope you enjoy and let’s get to drawing! 

  1. Avocadoes One of the fanciest fruit available in stores near you.
    Basically the shapes and edge of the inside seed looks so bumpy similar to baby bump.Cute Avacado Doodle
  2. Eggs Eggs shape are universal and by humanizing egg shape one can make a lot adding their humorous self to the drawings. you can draw eggs in a varied way, be it a half fry looks more sunny and nice or the boiled ones.
  3. Cake Here is a simple cake drawing idea to draw be it a toped with cherry or strawberry. Looks funs to draw. Candles can add new perks to it.
  4. Watermelon It is the most drawn fruit doodles available on google. you can make an incredible watermelon doodle with varied ways and shapes its available.
  5. Fruits Fruits in general, like Apple, Mango, Orange all with the expressions looks super cute to draw.
  6. Chicken It’s people favorite to draw. One with the leg or the whole as a chicken. use color pencils to color those cute chickens
  7. Momos / Dumplings The most cutest of shapes momos and dumplings can be made. The baby expressions on these doodles looks amazing.
  8. Ice Cream Doodling desserts with colored pencils as different flavors, the cone or the pile of the icecreams are always a fun. like a bunch of people doodled together having fun.
  9. Breads A collection of different breads can be drawn, with the puppy faces on each of them.
  10. Pizzas A slice of pizza with the funky faces over it drooling cheese are amazing together.
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