Learn How to draw a Cat

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on how to Draw a Cat!

All across the world, people adore cats. They are frequently kept as affectionate, cuddly pets by people; in fact, they have long been worshipped and kept as pets. Of course, cats can also be found in the wild.

They are intriguing creatures. Many cats can leap more than five times their height, did you know that? You may already be aware of how awesome cats are if you own one. In any case, let's get started on How to draw a Cat!

Ready? Find a comfortable position, get your drawing supplies, and let's get started!

Let's get started learning how to draw a cat!

Materials: a piece of paper, a pencil for drawing the outline and guiding lines, an eraser, a black Sharpie or pen, markers, or coloured pencils for colouring (If you needed)

TimeFrame: 5 minutes are needed.

How to draw a Cute Cat Doodle

Step 1:  sketch the cat's head.

For the cat's head, create a sizable oval. It should be about two-thirds of the way up the page. Additionally, it need to be wider than height.

Step 2: Add ears!

For our cat, we must add two ears! Draw two broad triangles spaced about an inch apart on the top of the head to mimic ears. They need to point upward.

Step 3: Draw up the eyes of the cat!

Now draw 2 similar half circles. Pefer image to show the representation of the eyes.

Step 4: Draw up the body of the cat.

The cat's body will then be added after that. Draw two very long, curved lines beneath the head. Add a line connecting these curved lines at the bottom.

The body should be in a closed, spherical shape. Additionally, it must to be smaller than the head. See the illustration for this shape.

Step 5: Add Personality to cat

Draw  a nose, i prefer heart shaped nose on all my doodles.
Incase you want to make it slight different you can go for oval shape as well.
You can add cat whiskers to the cheekbones on each side. On each cheek, draw two - three diagonal lines.

Step 6: Add detail to head, Body & Tail

Cats differ considerably in the types of markings they have on their bodies. Let's give our cat's face some marks.

Add a few oval shapes that slope downward to the top of the head. So that they resemble three stripes, they should be slightly shorter than the top of the head. For this, see the illustration.

Add a stomach-shaped curve. The torso and tail also have similar patterning in detail. Add similar strips on the body & tail

Lastly the fun part,
Cats come in a wide variety of colors. You name it: Pink, red, brown, black, orange! Perhaps you want it to resemble a certain cat from your own life. Have fun choosing colours.

Well done! Did you have fun? We hope you enjoyed yourself and gained some new drawing skills. Enjoy what you have accomplished! Give it a name and hang it up!

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Keep Doodling! Up until next time!

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