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Handmade Mini Canvas Mountain Blues Paintings

Handmade Mini Canvas Mountain Blues Paintings

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The Deep blue clear sky above the frosty snowy mountains is a feeling of freedom, fresh air & sunlight which is perfect for the mountain person to keep as a souvenir. This will remind you of every peak you have reached with the flash of sunlight and breezy wind.

This stunning Mountain Blues Painting on Mini canvas  / Impasto painting includes vibrant colors of blues that are richly detailed with the strokes of a palette knife.

Mountain Blues Painting on Mini Canvas

Key Features:

  • Handmade
  • Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic colors
  • Materials: Board canvas
  • Canvas Size : Height – 3″ in, Width – 3″ in
  • Essel Size: 15cm
  • Knife painting
  • Long lasting Colors
  • To clean wipe with the smooth cloth

Handmade Painting on Mini Canvas

The breath of the fresh wind that blows around your face, the first sunlight that reaches the peak of those glorious stiff-standing mountain giants. Go down the snow trails at speed behind the top and in front of the boundless beauty of a snow-white blanket mountain.
If you are a travel person and love mountains at heart we are sure this reminds you of every peak with the first flash of sunlight this is a beautiful mini canvas Painting that can be shelved and put into décor or your light-up corner. 100% handmade painting, it isn't a print!

The style of an art spatula or art knife is a vividly emotional and rough overlay of acrylic and this technique transmits mountains and layers of snow.
100% handmade

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